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In 2009, Venus Medtech Ltd. was officially established in HangZhou National Hi-tech development district.
Venus Medtech is a leading enterprise processioned in the technology of minimal invasive solutions for heart valves diseases. Venus Medtech was the champion of the 3rd Annual national competition of bio-medical Innovative company. The company has two worldwide leading technologies: The world’s first pre-implanted invasive heart valve system; and the world’s first self-expand invasive valve system. Venus Medtech also has four leading achievements in China: The first enterprise to complete CFDA clinical research and registration; first enterprise to receive the catheter supported medical device from CFDA; first heart valve from China to be involved in the human clinical trial in Europe; and lastly, first enterprise approved to establish heart valve research center in China.
Venus Medtech’s transcatheter artery valve -- Venus A-valve, is the world’s first and only device which completed CFDA clinical research, the company owns the intellectual property right of the product, and the product has received medical device approval from CFDA in year 2017. Venus A-valve is a self-expand valve device. It has more reasonable design comparing to the similar devices in the U.S. and Europe. And it is easier to operate during surgery – more suitable for Chinese patients’ needs. Venus Medtech’s transcatheter pulmonary artery valve -- Venus P-valve, can be implanted in patients who suffer from pulmonary artery reverse flow after the treatment of tetralogy of fallot. Currently, this device has almost completed its patients grouping stage of clinical trial, and has begun its EU clinical trial on Sep 13th 2016.
Behind the scene of the continuous innovation, Venus Medtech has a strong R&D operation team; their members include medical PhDs, clinical surgeons, research specialist of heart valve, and material specialist. With the abundant experience and the sharing of multi-science function and broad knowledge of cardio invasive devices, after years of lab research and animal tests, the new developed heart valves from Venus Medtech has been essentially involved in over 200 clinical cases, the product completed its clinical trial in China. And received a green light from CFDA. Venus Medtech is starting its international journey: first successful implant began in July 2014 in England, followed by over 45 successful clinical cases in Ireland, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Chile and Argentina.  The products has good clinical feedback and reputation. Today, Venus Medtech is the only Chinese company in Europe who has product proceeding human clinical trial. And the two products are expected to be the pioneer among the similar product category in CFDA. 
The extraordinary achievement of Venus Medtech has also attracted attention from investors including Venus venture capital, Hongshan foundation, DeNuo foundation, followed by the investment agreement with the well-known Gaosheng financial organization. The company has strong support from international financial resources to develop and maintain their products.
The heart valves developed by Venus Medtech are going to be the most innovative and role model in the cardio disease invasive treatment in the near future. The collaboration between their strong team, healthcare organization and financial support will also allow the company to develop and achieve further with its innovative ideas. Venus Medtech wants to benefit more patients by continuing on the development of their new technologies, new products, and to be a role model with their achievement in the medical industries in China.
Patent technology
Venus Medtech has extraordinary achievement with their patent items, 168 valid items; including 54 authorized items; 149 valid invention applications, 13 new practical items and 6 PCT applications. In China, applied for 63 patent items with 27 authorized invention items; in Japan, applied for 17 items with 9 authorized items. In U.S.A., applied for 23 patent items; in Europe, applied for 27 items; in Germany, applied 11 items; 16 applications in Canada; in Russia, India, Brazil we have 5 applications submitted and 6 PCT applications to be submitted.
Venus Medtech Medical Device Ltd. has built a solid foundation of their strategy plan with a discipline, reasonable and experienced management team.  Having the concept of profession, safety and highly efficiency, Venus Medtech hope to climb up to the peak with Chinese cardiovascular experts, and be a part of the new chapter of cardiac intervention solutions.
Production system
Venus Medtech has dedicated their effort to the research and development of the transcatheter valves. Innovative technique and quality is the lifeline of the enterprise.
Due to the consistent pursuing of innovation and quality, Venus Medtech received BSI ISO13485:2003 quality management systems certificate, an on-site quality systems audit by CFDA took place in March, 2016. 
Venus Medtech’s products strictly follow the requirement according to [2014]64 “Management of Medical Device Production Quality Regulation” during production control. The transcatheter valve product has been approved by CFDA as an innovative medical device. And was the first batch of medical device nominated as eco green enterprise.
Being the leading transcatheter valve product enterprise, Venus Medtech was the champion of the 3rd Annual national competition of bio-medical innovative company. And completed the national “125” technology supportive plan.
The invasive aortic valve has completed its clinical trial in the country. Referring to the phenomenon of the widespread of artery stent, the artificial heart valve could be a revolution treatment, and has been agreed by more and more experts internationally. We could foresee that within a few years in the future, there is going to be an explosion growth of clinical need for this kind of product.