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    • 产品名称: Mr. Zi Zhen Jun

    产品详细介绍: Mr. Zi is the founder of Venus Medtech, HangZhou, as well as the founder and co-partner of DINOVA Foundation. He was the co-founder of Lifetech (01302, HK) and member of the board. Mr. Zi was also the first R&D manager Microport, and the Vice president, R&D manager of Vascore. Being the main designer of the first generation of PTCA balloon, aortic stenosis replacement and left arterial appendage occluder in China, Mr. Zi developed the first generation of the occluder for genetic cardiac disease intervention treatment. He introduced the product into the global market, and has obtained over 30 patent items. Mr. Zi hosted and participated national and local government research in total 25 topics.