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Research and Development of New Biological Heart Aortic Valve --Entrepreneurship Aims at Solid Demand

Date:2016-11-18 01:18
"Actually my entrepreneurial path is very clear, which circles around the biggest solid demand ‘life-saving’. For ordinary people, in addition to eating, survival is the greatest solid demand. Grasp the most solid market demand, is tantamount to seizing the entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of medical technology.” Eric Zi said.

Leading Valve Technology
Venus Medtech is located in a small and very humble low-rise building on Nanhuan Road, Hangzhou High-tech (Binjiang) District. However, the company has a very luxurious R&D team: A technical team composed of academicians, clinicians, and related experts.
A video of the company's surgery was demonstrated last month at the 26th session of American Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT 2014), held in Washington, D.C. It is understood that the academic conference is the world's leading cardiovascular industry conference. It is said that the conference’s the world's most authoritative and leading cardiovascular industry conference,“The surgical demonstration of the valve at this conference marks the recognition of international cardiovascular industry of Venus Medtech’s device. ”Eric Zi said.
It is understood that the independently developed new biological aortic valve implantation device from Venus Medtech has been used in 81 cases of clinical surgery, finishing domestic clinical trial stage in advance in this June and entering the green channel for the approval of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). Currently there’re only 6 products entering this special channel.
Currently, Venus Medtech has become the only Chinese company to enter human clinical trial phase in China and Europe.
Solid market demand 
"As I have saved some money in my time at graduate school, where I followed my tutor and did research, so the first job I chose is entirely based on interest.  At that time, the concept of minimally invasive treatment of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. deeply attracted me, so I joined the company without any hesitation. Eric Zi recalled.
Growing from a common R&D employee to the company's first R&D manager, he becomes the main designer of China’s first coronary artery balloon, coronary stent, and aortic aneurysm stent.
In 2003, he co-founded LifeTech Scientific Corporation with partners. During the period with LifeTech, he accompanied LifeTech and saw its development into the world's second largest provider of congenital heart disease intervention treatment.
In 2009, he set off again and settled in Hangzhou High-tech (Binjiang)Zone with his technical team.
It is understood that the top four heart diseases in China include coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease and large vascular disease. Heart valves are the most difficult to develop, with a very promising market. It is known that the incidence rate of valvular heart disease is extremely high among the elderly aged over 65 years, in the emerging countries represented by China. The disease is mainly manifested as heart valve calcification, which leads to heart failure and the ultimate death. Generally, it’s only a few months from the discovery of the disease to death. In the Chinese market alone, about 10% of the 300 million people aged over 65 have valvular disease. 
"A heart valve replacement costs around a hundred thousand Yuan, I believe that as long as the family can afford the car, they can have this surgery. This is the market opportunity. " He said.
Take each step steadily
Horst Sievert, the German expert entitled " father of structural heart disease", delivered a report at the Global Innovation in Cardiovascular Interventions( ICI),held in Israel this year. His report was about Heart valve treatment stories in China, in which he introduced the heart valve product of Venus Medtech.
What has prompted the German expert to introduce the product of a Chinese company? It is understood that Venus Medtech has introduced a strong advisory committee, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and other aspects, mainly consisting of the top experts from Europe and the United States who would hold regular television meetings or face-to-face meetings, to conduct in-depth discussion of the needs of various fields. A top-notch think tank and a strong executive team are the basic guarantees of entrepreneurial success.
In the sterile workshop of Venus Medtech, every heart valve that will enter clinical trials is sewn by hand stitches. Heart Valve products can only be sewn by hand, and in its production process, it may need at least 500 stitches to 800 stitches according to size specifications. The completion of each important step requires strict checks. "It takes a skilled worker 3 days to sew a heart valve. " A staff from Venus Medtech said.
"Perhaps one day it is our relatives and friends who will use the valve, so the production must be completed carefully." Eric Zi said. Now this idea has taken deep root in the workshop’s workers’ heart.
This article is reproduced from Zhejiang Daily

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