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Professor Ziyad Hijazi and Venus P-Valve showed up at TCT 2016

Date:2016-11-18 18:49
The Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference on 2016 was hold on 2016 October 29th- November 2nd in Washington, USA. Professor Ziyad M. Hijazi from Sidra Medical Research Centre in Doha, Qatar introduced and highlighted Venus Medtech’s Venus P-valve Transcatheter valve in his presentation 《New Valves For The Native RVOT》.

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Professor Ziyad M. Hijazi 
The Venus P Transcatheter Artery Valve by Venus Medtech is a self-expand valve device. It has a double-sided skirt design that may exclude the need of pre-implantation of a stent during surgery. And can be used with a 16mm-32mm RVOT diameter. This is the only choice for patients with pulmonary artery reverse flow within the globe.

Venus P-valve
In China, right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) such as FOT (Fallot of tetralogy) are commonly treated with RVOT cardiopulmonary bypass. But this surgery might cause enlargement of pulmonary diameter, mismatch of valves, and cause severe dilated RVOT. Transcatheter aortic stenosis replacement technique is the ideal choice for patients who have severe RVOT, combines with medium to severe level of ventricular enlargement or dysfunction.
In year 2006, Venus Medtech began its research journey among transcatheter valve treatment in China. In March, 2011, the first successful implantation of the self-expanded valve in the world, Venus P-valve, took place in Hanoi, Vietnam. In September, 2016, Venus P-valve begun its EU CE mark patients grouping clinical trial. This was the first transcatheter valve product from China to go through clinical research in Europe. So far, Venus P-valve has completed its clinical trial grouping stage, the research was conducted by academician Ge Jun Po, Fu Dan as principle investigator (PI).
 Today, Venus P-valve has over 100 implants over the world.

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