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The Success of Venus Medtech’s Pre-loading “dry tissue” valve first implant in Asia

Date:2016-11-18 21:06
November 6th, 2016 in India, the first implementation of the new generation of pre-loading transcatheter artery valve – Venibri valve by Venus Medtech HangZhou was succefully completed at Metro Group Hospital. The surgery went well and successful. And this also represents the new development phase of the technology. 

Professort Horst Sievert – world famous heart disease expert conducting the surgery

The German heart disease expert, professor Horst Sievert, conducted this first implementation in Asia. From opening the seal package, rinse, until the complete of implementation, took only less than 5 minutes. This could significantly reduce the risk of TAVR by lower the pressure caused by the reverse flow by a balloon treated artery, especially, this safes a lot of time for patients who has a weaker functioning heart. The surgery went very smooth, the hydration of the valve only took 20 seconds, “dry tissue” valve return to “wet tissue” with same function and elasticity. And it expands well, which allows the general condition of the patient to be improved.       
Venibri Valve is the world’s first pre-loading “dry tissue” transcatheter valve product. It represents the most advanced technology of “pre-loading” and ”dry tissue”. The product was pre-loaded on the transport device during manufacturing process, which allows a quick and easy access for any operator during surgery. This shortens the patient waiting time and lowers the risks in surgery including infection. And without the usage of glutaraldehyde, it significantly raised the anti-calcify ratio and the shelf-life of the product. After the first implementation in Argentina and then in India, it represents the new development phase of the globl transcatheter valve implant technology.

Photo shoot after the successful implant

Professor Horst Sievert was very satisfied with the performance of Venibri Valve, he commented afterwards, that the product is easy to use and shortens the time of surgery. Patient had a zero pressure difference showed on the ultrasound, no leakage around the implant, and blood pressure steadily came back up, this means the valve is functioning very well, and has the same effects with other fresh tissue valve implant. This will benefit the patient greatly in a long term perspective.    
Mr. Zi Zhen Jun, founder of Venus Medtech, introduced the new pre-loading valve will begin its clinical trial in many medical centers around the world in the middle of 2017. The trial will be taking place in China, Brazil, India and other Countries in Europe simultaneously. 

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