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Chinese Experts Operate TAVR Surgery Overseas, Venus Medtech’s Innovative Product was Successfully Implanted

Date:2017-9-20 01:14

In Kota Coimbatore, India, on February 10th, 2017 local time, Professor Wang Jian’an, dean of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School and director of cardiology, and director Liu Xianbao, successfully performed transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) on a patient with severe aortic stenosis at Kovai Medical Center and Hospital(KMCH).     

The surgery used Venibri Valve, Venus Medtech’s new transcatheter aortic valve product, preloaded with "dry tissue". The valve implantation’s very successful. 
The 75-year-old male patient with repetitive severe chest tightness was diagnosed with aortic stenosis, and he also suffered from hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease. In 2012, he underwent a heart bypass surgery. The traditional open-heart aortic valve replacement operation would be highly risky for him. If not treated immediately, the patient would have life risk at any time. Since KMCH has never performed TAVR before, the medical team of Professor Wang Jian ’an was invited from China to assist the operation in this center.
The patient recovered very well after operation, with significant improvement of cardiac function. Dr. Thomas Alexander, director of heart intervention center, and Dr. Prashant Vaijanath, director of cardiac surgeon center, thanked the Chinese doctors for their excellent medical skills. They also expressed keen interest in the new generation of Venus Medtech’s valve product Venibri, hoping to establish long-term cooperative relationship with Venus Medtech and Chinese hospitals.
Venibri Valve is the first catheter aortic valve product in the world that is preloaded with “dry tissue”. Venibri adopts the world's most advanced technology of “pre-loading” and “dry tissue”, completing the loading of valve on the delivery system during manufacturing process. Thus the valve product in the operating room could be" ready-for-use " , not only facilitating the doctor’s operation, but also reducing the patient’s  waiting time, patient infection and other risks, What’s more, without the traditional glutaraldehyde treatment of the valve, the calcification resistance ability of the valve is greatly improved and the life is extended.

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