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Awards -- Venus Medtech Entering the Annual List of Leading Innovative Enterprises in Zhejiang Province

Date:2017-9-27 20:53
Recently, the 2016 “Zhejiang Provincial Leadership Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team” was announced and Venus Medtech was once again on the ranking list. Venus Medtech has always pursued innovation in interventional heart valve system, leading the industry’s development worldwide with its superior innovative ability in the industry.
Venus Medtech (HangZhou) Inc. is a professional medical equipment enterprise committed to minimally invasive treatment of heart valve disease. It is a leading heart valve developer and has won biomedical group championship in the Third National Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition. The Enterprise owns Two “World First”: The world's first preinstalled interventional valve system and the first self-expanding pulmonary interventional valve system. It has 4 “China First” as well: The first to start and complete the CFDA registered clinical research, the first cardiovascular equipment to obtain support from the CFDA’s innovative channel; the first Chinese heart valve equipment to enter the field of human clinical implantation of the heart valve device in Europe, and also the first enterprise allowed to set up key research institute of heart valve. Venus Medtech also owns a number of domestic and foreign patents.
Innovation is the vitality of an enterprise and the foundation of competitiveness and extension. As Eric Zi, founder of Venus Medtech pointed out, "Low-level imitation can only be a temporary relief, but to compete with the world’s leading enterprises in the long run, we must keep investing in technology and the patent system and accumulating experience in these fields." This ranking list confirms Venus Medtech’s innovation-driven development strategy and its R&D thinking of sustaining innovations and seeking for greater perfection.

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